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Accounting services

Our clients may select from the various levels of scope of accounting records processing. For this reason we have decided to divide the processing of accounting records into the following areas. Each area is accompanied by a brief overview of the services provided:

Processing of accounting records

  • Standard set up of accounting parameters in the accounting programme operated by our company for the current year and transfer of balances from previous years, i.e. opening of accounting books;
  • Making journal entries based on documents and sources provided by the client;
  • Preparation of internal accounting documents;
  • Monthly transfer of output and information on the state of the client's financial position, assets, receivables and payables in the form of spreadsheets;
  • Preparation of ordinary financial statements, i.e. closing of a business year, preparation of a balance sheet, an income statement and notes to the financial statements;
  • Archiving of accounting records at a technical medium.

Other activities associated with maintaining accounting records

  • Monitoring duties resulting from - legal regulations those connected with accounting, e.g. deadlines for mandatory levies in the state budget;
  • Cooperation in the performance of inventory-taking;
  • Production of extraordinary accounting output (e.g. extraordinary financial statements);
  • Preparation of reports and completing forms (except for tax return forms) connected with accounting, e.g. for foreign exchange, statistic and other purposes;
  • Preparation of Value Added Tax Return and records associated with Value Added Tax (VAT), processing of EC Sales Lists (ESL)/recapitulative statements;
  • Ordinary administrative activities in the field of human resources and payroll (e.g. preparation of a labour contract or completing a  contract according to the example supplied by the client, preparing an itemized pay statement, preparation of an agreement to indemnify employer, arranging for all scope of duties at the Labour Office in the event of employing foreigners or in the event of the provision of subsidies by the Labour Office);
  • Continued communication with the tax administration (Inland Revenue), the Social Security Office, health insurance companies and the Labour Office, and representation of the clients or our presence in the course of accounting records inspection and/or tax and payroll inspection performed by these institutions.

Other professional activities associated with maintaining accounting records

  • Consulting of accounting procedures;
  • Cooperation in terms of finding solutions for problems associated with methodology;
  • Cooperation with regard to setting up internal guidelines;
  • Presentation of outputs from the processing of accounting records;
  • Accounting advice, advice in the field of payroll and human resources;
  • Checks of accounting records, review of accounting procedures and setting up internal processes in association with the processing of accounting records;
  • Arranging information-based duties as well as other duties associated with accounting (e.g. in relation to the Register of Companies, preparation of annual reports, etc);
  • Remote access to accounting records through our software from any computer via internet.

Treatment of payroll scope of duties, including the processing of related documents

  • Setting up and managing payroll as well as scope of duties relating to human resources;
  • Securing and carrying out scope of duties relating to social and health insurance;
  • Payroll processing;
  • Issuing of income records;
  • Securing and conducting scope of duties relating to employer taxes in the area of dependent activities;
  • Securing and conducting scope of duties relating to employee taxes (annual statement of account of income tax, confirmation of income, etc.).