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tax advice

Tax advice

Most often, our clients use the options of cooperation stated below. However, we are happy to adjust the scope of services in order to meet your individual needs.

Basic scope of services

This variant includes the provision of legal assistance and financial-economic advice in the area of taxes and fees as well as in matters which directly concern tax. The activities are performed based on the client request, largely in the form of consulting and preparing opinions in writing.

Simultaneously, we are able to propose, search and recommend individual areas for solutions. As a result, it is possible to respond to recently discovered findings and insufficiencies. Our goal is to identify and, in particular, prevent tax risks wherever possible.

Comprehensive scope of our services

This option comprises the scope described in the variant above in addition to the following:

  • Constitute power of attorney to fully represent the client before the Inland Revenue;
  • Settling and receiving correspondence and communicating with the tax administrator from the position of a tax advisor;
  • Preparing and completing tax returns and reports;
  • Bringing certain significant matters in the area of tax which might affect clients' activities to their attention (e.g. amendments to legislation);
  • Other services according to clients' special requests.

Single projects

These projects are usually carried out based on a contract for work and include the single requests of our clients, e.g.:

  • Preparation and completion of tax returns;
  • Dispute settlements with the Inland Revenue and representation of clients in particular cases;
  • Single reviews of accounting records and tax matters;
  • Preparation of opinions, analyses and recommendations as regards specific client problems;
  • Speciall offer, etc.