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Economic advice

Economic advice

The third area of the services offered is associated with accounting and tax services provided by our company. We understand economic advice as services associated with financial (in the broader sense - administrative) management of small and medium companies.
This service allows our clients to employ our knowledge in the building and/or administration of internal processes. We identify areas which should be improved in order to strengthen the effective management of the company. With our assistance, the owner of the company may fully concentrate on tasks associated with developing its most prominent areas of activity (sale, production).
The overview of options and their scope indicated below is not exhausting. For illustration purposes only we define various roles of our advisors in providing economic advice. The options are arranged according to the extent to which advisers partook in the decision-making processes of our clients. As with tax advice, we are prepared to adjust the scope of services in order to meet your individual needs.

Process analysis and recommendation preparation

These analyses are prepared tailor-made according to the client's needs.
In the first stage, we define both the scope and depth of the analysis according to the client's requirements and the outputs which will be produced and submitted to the client. The second stage includes research itself (e.g. detailed research of selected accounting entries or analytic procedures applied to the selected sample of transactions).
The third stage includes the presentation of outputs to the client which also includes a list of recommended adjustments to existing processes.

Training of employees in financial departments

This service comprises employee training in terms of putting together financial records (this also includes accounting scope of duties) and presenting outputs, e.g. in the form of financial reports or indicators required by company management. This service may also include the implementation of new procedures based on the process analysis.

Shared Chief Financial Officer/Financial Manager

Our advisors are happy to implement the features of financial management by means of visiting the client at his / her premises. This includes taking care of financial matters comprising methodical assistance at managing the client's accounting department. This service may also be understood as an initial stage to implement the financial management performed by the client's employee.

Temporary Chief Financial Officer/Financial Manager

This service further expands activities of the "shared" Chief Financial Officer/Financial Manager as far as both the time spent and the depth of activities supervised (care for financial matters of a company, including the management of an accounting department) are concerned.