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About the company

DEK Consult, spol. s r.o. was incorporated in February 2006.
We place our main focus on providing services in the area of tax advice, accounting services and economic advice. We supply our clients with a wide range of services starting from the solution of individual problems and finishing with the comprehensive treatment of economic scope of duties which also comprises representing our clients before state institutions.

As a matter of course we communicate via electronic mail and other forms of modern technology and prepare our opinions and materials in commonly used foreign languages. We cooperate with many external business partners. With their assistance, we also arrange other services for our clients such as legal and audit services, expert opinions, property assessments, preparation of business plans, loan applications and plans for mergers and divisions of companies, selection and implementation of accounting and tax software programmes and many other services.

For those clients developing their business activities in Slovakia, Poland and Hungary, we are able to secure comprehensive tax and accounting services in cooperation with our business partners in these countries.

Among other things, the company's activities take on the independent business activities formerly controlled by its partners and draw upon their many years of experience.

The company was registered as of December 11, 2008 as one of the first companies in the recently established list of corporations of Chamber of Tax Advisers of the Czech Republic.
The company stood up for Code of Ethics of Chamber of Tax Advisers of the Czech Republic..